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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Minnesota Blogger: Andrea from Keeping Up With the Sonneks

Hello- my name is also Andrea, my friends call me "Andera" [said like an-dare-a]- since we are friends, you can call me this too ;)

So a few [too many words] about me… in a nut shell; my husband and I have been together for almost 10 years [married for 2 years], we have a baby girl soon to be turning ONE- “baby a”

I am a SAHWM [stay at home working mom] occasionally working as a server when sanity is needed. We are a family that is on the go all. of. the. time.- which inspired the name of my blog Keeping up with the Sonneks.

I began blogging to keep memory of all our fun activities week to week. I was a big time journal keeper [we're talking journaling daily and dating back to ohh....2nd grade!] after reading/following a good friend’s blog I decided to finally make the electronic jump! That was in 2007 and I have been blogging ever since! Life has been UBER busy with a baby, so I am always trying to catch up & keep up on blog life; posting, reading, commenting & following!
My blog header is a great representation of life right now, it is composed of three photos. The first photo is one of our engagement photos; hubby Aaron and I started dating in 2002 and then in 2008 became engaged!

The second photo is from our wedding in Cabo San Lucas- we were married February 20th, 2010. We loved everything about our beach wedding- with a large MN party a couple of months after we
returned home.

The third photo is Avrie- our daughter, who was born into our lives last year on the 28th of June . We now experience a brand new kind of love here in the Sonnek household. Babies are truly AMAZING!

As a busy working mommy, I do my best to keep track of our doings as life QUICKLY
evolves all around us- but sometimes life it just TOO quick even for me!

Now I am going to try NOT bore you with some bits of randomness in my life via 5 photos and a little bit of a description/story behind each one.

Ok... I am a Beach bum/Sun Goddess- I LOVE the sun, I LOVE being tan and tan lines are like candy to me- so sweet!! This photo below is from our wedding vaca, where a bird pooped on me- BUT not even a little bit of drippy bird poop will ruin my sunny day! See… I’m still smiling!
I can get a little bit goofy at times… AND I always laugh with my mouth open. It’s strange but if you look back at my photos as a kid and all through life, there I am laughing- mouth WIDE open! I even find that my daughter does this as well! My cousin and I [who also laughs with her mouth open] have coined the term OML as “open mouth laughing”. Example... in the photo below it was last day of grad school, soo.... I was up late and with the assistance of self timer- I went a little crazy {an no... hubby was not home- but my dog was, she KNOWS I am nuts!} anyway- notice that 3 of the 4 pictures, I am OML all the way!

“Hi, my name is Andrea, and I am picture-holic” it true... I am a Photo-fanatic! and I take SO [way] too many photos, and photos of EVERYTHING! Naturally, my favorite subject this past year has been my baby girl [poor tiki, my dog]. I have managed to kept up with a ‘365 photo project’ of her all year long. It’s really pretty simple, I snap anywhere from 1 to 2,876 pictures a day and each Tuesday I share 7 favorite photos from the week & a little update on baby girl’s doings for the week. It’s so fun seeing her grow from a TINY fragile infant to a beautiful happy little girl- I am so happy I have been able to maintain this main highlight on my blog. Here is a side by side photo of weeks 1 & week 50. [biiiig sigh…..]

I am one of "those" that LOVE my birthday AND I also love YOUR birthday as well. I am a Birthday Guru- if you tell me your birthday I WILL remember it. It’s a true talent, passed down from my Grandma. I also have a “birthday buddy”. Him and I celebrate together each year! This is Kevin, he’s a triplet and, ladies… he’s SINGLE!

Last but not least- I am many roles but being Mommy is one of the greatest! Below is a nice SOOC of me with baby girl! I am usually the one behind the camera, so I know later on in life I will treasure sweet little moments of Mommy & baby caught in time {even if I do have a glass of wine in hand} hehe OML ;)

If you feel like I am kind of cool- feel free to also see what I find to be interesting via Pins, Tweets & Photos. Thanks a lot Pinterest- you keep me up WAY too late, on too many nights pinning my heart away! "Tweet Tweet" Twitter- I am a BAD tweeter, but you can find me out there once in a while- my last twitter bender, as I will call it, was used when I flew out to LA last year [8 months preggo] to meet BRITNEY SPEARS! yes... totally met her! hellooooo Instagram- one word: OBSESSED!

PS: If you would like to become a featured Minnesota blogger, feel free to contact us at minnesotabloggers@gmail.com!


Carolyn said...

OH MY GOODNESS... pooped on during your wedding vacation??? HAHAHAHAH I got pooped on by a seagull in Duluth when I was like 6... I'm still traumatized. :)

Kelly said...

Love all of your photos :-) Avery is one of my very favorite names for baby girls; so cute. Your honeymoon/tan/bird poop photo makes me want to lay out RIGHT NOW!! ;-)

ajs {of MN} said...

Carolyn- my SIL was also pooped on. in dultuh. by a seagull. HATES birds! haha

Kelly- thanks... makes we want to lay out right now too- and to grow some BOOBS! hahaha thanks again for the fun feature ;)