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Monday, July 2, 2012

Minnesota Blogger: Syndal from Synfully Delicious!

Hey there!  My name is Syndal, and I blog over at Synfully Delicious!
I love that all of us Minnie Bloggers finally have a way to connect-I am SO excited for the meet up at Psycho Suzi's this month!

I started my blog in 2010 after being inspired by some of our very own Minnesota blogging friends- Carolyn (who I went to high school with) and Amber (who I went to grad school with).  Since then, this little blog has seen me through getting my doctorate as a family nurse practitioner, getting engaged, getting ready for a new job, and now getting ready for my wedding in August!
To describe myself in just 5 photos, you should know that....

I love my fiance Pete and I love being a Bride.
I've been obsessed with weddings since I was a little girl and I'm afraid of what I will do with my time when I am all done planning my big day!  I am having the best time planning & I can't wait to share it all with you guys!

Being an auntie to this little guy Orrin has been the greatest joy of my life.

I'm obsessed with my cat, Choxie.
If you follow me on Instagram (@SyndalAnn), it is likely your feed will be a lot of pictures of her!

I love wine (in a very healthy way!)
A couple of my besties & I took a trip to Napa & Sonoma last summer and it was pure bliss.
You can read some of our stories of this amazing trip here-day 1, here-day 2, here-day 3, & here-day 4

I love the sunshine, I love the crazy heat, I love that everyone is just a little bit more happy.
A day out on the water (with lifejackets-I don't know how to swim!) on a sunny afternoon is my most perfect day.

I'm so happy you get to know a little bit about me-you can also find me on Twitter, Pinterest, & Facebook
Be sure to stop by & say hello!


Minnesota Bloggers said...
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Kelly said...

LOOOOOOOOOOVE our Minnesota summers :-D And Choxie is oh.so.cute. Can't wait to read allllll about your big day once it's arrived!!

Carolyn said...

I am dying to hear all about that wedding day of yours! :) I know it's going to be beautiful!!

ajs {of MN} said...

new follower! i dont know how to swim either but LOVE the water on a sunny day- works well for a nice reflective tan! ;)

Melissa said...

Hey Syndal! Love reading your blog and this was fun too! :) Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks.

Becca at One Girl said...

Love Minnesota Summers + Wine! I too do not know how to swim so my life jacket is typically on - I do a really ugly doggie paddle and it would not save me I am sure!

Brianne said...

Hey! I don't know how to swim either! Everyone always says "but you're from MN how do you not know how!?" Glad I'm not alone.

Leah said...

Your cat is SO cute! Fellow cat lady here. :)