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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Minnesota Bloggers Get-Together: The Paint Pub

Last night, thirteen fellow Minnesota Bloggers got together at The Paint Pub for our own private party. It was pretty understood that many of us were nervous about creating an actual painting-- just as nervous as meeting one another at our last get-together?

Well just like that event, all of the nervousness was for nothing because our Stone Arch Bridge paintings turned out fabulous and most importantly, it was fun to hang out together :-)

Special thanks to Tom and Laura at The Paint Pub-- what a fabulous place! They were so welcoming and accommodating, friendly and nerve-easing, and Laura helped us turn a challenging painting into thirteen pieces of artwork :-)
And plus? I didn't see either of them scoff or roll their eyes once at our "weird blogging ways" ;-) I think we all agree that we are of a special "wait! one more picture!!" breed.

I know it was a late, late night but it was so nice to see you all. Big thanks for everyone coming near and far to meet up-- it was so much fun!

Stay tuned for some discussion about our next event. Although I created this here blog, I certainly am not the ringleader :-) If anyone feels inclined to organize our next get-together, feel free to volunteer!!

Also, if you would like to be a featured blogger, leave a comment or email us at minnesotabloggers@gmail.com for more information.

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lo @ crazy ever after said...

I've been a total flake. I wanted to go to the meet up in July. Didn't happen. I dropped the ball this time too. My suggestion...how about a pumpkin patch/apple farm sorta trip. I think that sounds fun, especially with fall here. Let me know your thoughts. I'd be happy to help organize it. And being accountable for helping plan a meet up would surely mean I'd have to show face. PS-I stalked a bunch of MN bloggers last night since I didn't attend. Thanks again for putting such a cool group together.

Carolyn said...

Love it!! :) I loved seeing all the Instagram pics and I'm so sad I didn't get to go! :( Next time!!!

Leah Danielson said...

I am a MN blogger and just found this blog! What a great way to connect to fellow Minnesotans!!

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