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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#MNBloggerHH 3.0... holiday style!

Hey friends! It's Carolyn, and I'm taking over this round of planning from sweet Kelly who has been AMAZING with all of her organizing for the first two (and this blog!)

Since I wasn't able to make it to the painting party, I am going through MN blogger withdrawals! 
Which means... we need to get another one on the books! :) 

Bridget and I were emailing back and forth about planning a Halloween/fall themed get together... maybe at a pumpkin patch or a haunted house or something, but we know that everyone is super busy, and that would only give us a couple weeks to find a date. 

Kelly had the BRILLIANT idea of planning a holiday party with Secret Santa gifts, and I'm adding in ugly sweaters. Because really... that would make for some ridiculously amazing pictures!

I figured since the holidays are coming up quick (not sure how that's even possible!) and everyone's schedules will be filling up, I'd mention both, and we can get a vote on what people would like to do!

So... here's your job! Leave a comment answering the following questions:

1. Would you be interested in doing a fall themed get together in the next couple weeks? Would you rather it be a pumpkin patch or a haunted house?

2. If yes, do you have any suggestions for a good place to go?

3. Would you be interested in doing a holiday themed get together? With or without Secret Santa? With or without ugly sweaters?

4. Do you have a genius idea for a get together? If so, TELL US!


Syndal said...

#3 #3 #3!!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

First off-- BIG thanks to Carolyn and Bridget for taking over some of the decision making STUFF!!

Secondly-- YES to everything. I am totally in for whatever!

Hate to not be specific, but I would LOVE both a Pumpkin Patch AND/OR a Haunted House if we were able to coordinate something. I pretty much just have plans on Saturday the 27th. Everything else is probably open.

And a maaaaaaaajor YES to tacky sweater party with gift exchange. Sounds like SO MUCH FUN.

I hope we can get something organized and on the books; would love to see many of you girls soon :-)

lo @ crazy ever after said...

I'd be down for some get togethering. I've yet to make it to an event but share the details when you know, and I will try to make it work.

As for an idea of something to do in the future...volunteering is something that's always been dear and near to my heart, yet I don't make time to do it enough. Feed My Starving Children or perhaps packing meals for local soup kitchens over the holidays? We could wear ugly Cmas sweaters while doing it. :) I would love to help plan that. If help was needed of course.

KRISTIN said...

Ooooh! I might actually be able to come if you did the Holiday/Gift/Sweater one!!! That's my vote!

ajs {of MN} said...

#1. JUST went to a haunted house and dont think i would make it out alive w/o having my hubby along so that i can bury my head into his back... UNLESS someone else wants to take his spot to PROTECT ME... plus time is going SO fast, this might be hard to figure out fast.

#2. BUT If yes, I WILL BE THERE and I would LOVE to check out the one at Running Aces of 35 and 97! http://nightmarehalloween.com/halloween-events/haunted-house/

3. Would you be interested in doing a holiday themed get together? With or without Secret Santa? With or without ugly sweaters? Yes, Yes, and Yes! as long as the gift giving is specific and not over the top- i stress out SO much about gifting the PERFECT GIFT! but I would be in, fo sho!

4. Do you have a genius idea for a get together? If so, TELL US! i really dont for this round, BUT maybe in the future my mom hosts cooking classes MAYBE maybe... we could all do a cooking class it involves $20, food and WINE! yummmmm

JJ said...

1. I would be up for something Fall, either one works for me.
2. I will go wherever people want to.
3. I would love to do the holiday sweater and secret Santa.
4. I think a fun idea could be going to a sporting event. it seems like a lot MN Bloggers like sports. Tickets can be pricey (at times) but it would be fun to hit up a hockey, football or basketball game. Pro or college.

Melissa said...

Ahhh so excited!!! Thanks for planning, Carolyn!

1. I like the idea of a fall theme in terms of seeing everyone sooner, but I'm definitely more of a holiday girl! Also, I would pee my pants in a haunted house. not cute :)

2. I would vote pumpkin patch if we do fall

3. The holiday get together sounds SOOOOO fun. Especially with ugly sweaters and secret santa. I'm all over it! We could just all go out to a restaurant and do it...or if anyone is brave enough to host us all at their house. BYOB of course :)

DJ said...

1 & 2. I can't do haunted houses, so I would probably skip that one, but I'd love to go to a pumpkin patch. THINK OF THE PICTURES!!

3. Tacky Christmas Sweater/Secret Santa party sounds great!

4. Love Lauren's volunteering opportunity. Also not sure if you guys are Young House Love fans, but they are coming to the West Elm in Edina in November. I actually can't make it that night because I have a work event, but thought it would be a fun thing to throw out there for some bloggers to do together :) Also this is a personal suggestion but I've always (you know, in the 4 months I've lived here) wanted to do a cooking class at Cooks of Crocus Hill or something similar and my husband is completely uninterested. Oh oh AND I love doing workout classes with friends, so if there's a fun hip hop dance class somewhere, that could be fun...

Becky said...

1. If we do get together, I would vote pumpkin patch. I think it would be tricky since there's not much time and am fine with just doing a holiday party

2. I've never been to a pumpkin patch, so not suggestions really. There are a ton to choose from, so I don't think that will be difficult.

3. Yes, yes and yes. I think meeting up somewhere and would be a lot of fun!

4. Not really...I really enjoy getting to talk/mingle with the other bloggers. I really enjoyed the paint pub, but didn't get much of a chance to talk to very many people other than the ones at my table ro who went to dinner beforehand. I do like the sound of a cooking class, though. I've never been to one and it sounds like fun!

Kelly B. said...

wee! I forget the numbers above, but here goes:

I'd do halloween stuff! Being scared stresses me out a tiny bit (as in, I once cried during Paranormal Activity 2. yes Matt still makes fun of me for it.) but I'd still do it! I'm getting sworn in the 26th, but other than that, calendar is pretty open!

I'd LOVE an xmas/secret santa thing! I'd volunteer my house, but it's a little on the small side. haha. and if we have the minimum we've been having, shit would get reeeaal tight.

Also, LOVE the idea of cooking classes!