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Thursday, October 18, 2012

We're Facebook Official!

Carolyn here again! I have some exciting news for all of my favorite Minnie bloggers! 

We have a facebook group!

That's right! Minnesota Bloggers are going big time! HAHA

We are hoping that the facebook group will give us a more interactive space to plan and discuss our #MNBloggerHH events! 

Now... you ALL need to go join the group! There's already some information about a pumpkin patch adventure! And I want to see ALL of your smiling, adorable, blogger faces when I'm picking out my pumpkin!! 

Click here to get to the group!


Kelly said...

Hey YOU! YES, YOU! Go join our Facebook Group right this second!! ;-D

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Ahhhh man. Shit just got real. I clicked on a couple names and have mutual friends with a few of you already in the group. Small crazy world.

Melissa said...

Is it creepy for me to add you all as friends? yes? ok. Add me then, so I feel less creepy :)

ajs {of MN} said...

am i mental?? i dont understand the new groups on facebook. i dont see any details about the next meet up, just a list of everyone in the group??? hmmmm

and yes melissa... totally creepy! ;)

KRISTIN said...


AMY said...

YAY! I'm in northwest Minnesota and sent a request to join.
I lived in the Cities for 16 years and have just moved back up north. Miss the City life :(
Amy's Life~