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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Minnesota Blogger: Kelly from Kelly B., JD (among other things...)!

Hey there Minnesota Bloggers!

I'm Kelly, and I blog over at Kelly B., J.D. (among other things)...

You can find me blogging about my daily life.. which, as of late, has consisted of me whining about the bar exam (which is now over, I promise. YAY!) I also blog about my wiley kitten- TJ, the wedding I'm in the midst of planning to my guy- M, and the occasional DIY, recipe, and law-related blabber. 

Now, onto 5 photos that describe me: 

#1: M and I at my law school graduation. 
As my blog title would indicate, law school/the law is a very big part of my life. Actually, it predates my admission to law school. My great-grandpa, grandpa, great-uncle, and uncle were all attorneys. It was a long yet quick 3 years, I made some fantastic friends, and I'm glad it's over. :) Now, I just have to wait 2 months to get bar results. Woof. 

#2: The first hello.
This is a screen grab of the first REAL communication M and I ever had. Yes, we met on Match.com. That story can be found HERE, and as amended, HERE

#3: This is our kitten. 
He's 1 year old, and I firmly intend on calling him my "kitten" until he dies. His name is TJ. His nicknames include TJ-Monkey, monster, gremlin, fuzz-bucket, TJ-baby, etc. TJ stands for "Trapper Joe"... he came that way when we adopted him, and then when M found out it was based on a character from Swamp People.. there was no changing it. He's crazy, and adorable, and you can go ahead and call me a crazy cat lady.. I am one, without a doubt, and have zero shame about it. #embracethecrazy

#4: April 7, 2012. 
This photo was taken at my parents house, a few hours after M proposed. You can read that story, HERE. And you can pop by my page and click on the "Our Wedding" tab to read more about the big day! I was placed on a temporary planning moratorium while I studied for the bar, and am now itching to get back to it. I just bought 100 yards of burlap from the interwebz, so, brace yourself people. Crafts are coming atcha hot!  

#5: Our house. 
We bought our house on May 13, 2011. Actually, M bought it, and lets me squat for a small fee ;-). Kidding, kind of. It seems silly to say a photo of our house describes me, but it does. First and foremost, there is nothing I love more than watching each room evolve, as we decorate, tweak, etc. Most of the art in our house was DIY. The greatest compliment I've received was when someone told me my living room looked like a Pinterest board. Haha!

Annnnddd that's a lil' bit about me! Stop on over to my blog and say hi! You can also follow me on Twitter (@KBjd14), Instagram (kellybea14), and Pinterest (kellybea14)!

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Bridget said...

Just read your story on how you and M met...so cute! I also love the amended post and the 'friends with benefits' guy...bbaaahhaaa...

Kelly said...

#Embracethecrazy Hahahah!! That is totally me too (but you know that already ;-)) We refer to Miller and Morgan as kittens too! (and probably will until they've passed away as well, hah!)

LOVE the photo of your living room-- SOOO pretty :-D

Carolyn said...

Love this! Can't wait to watch the wedding crafting happen! I LOVED that part of wedding planning! :)

ajs {of MN} said...

i love that #2 screen shot photo, so cute to still have that to share!

Melissa said...

Fun post. I'm totally in love with your house :) I wish I could re-decorate every room in mine, but I'm thinking the chances are slim on that one...

DJ said...

I would kill to have one person tell me my pinky toe looked like a pinterest board... let alone a room in my house!!