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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pull Out Your Calendars & Planners... It's #MNBloggerHH 2.0 Time!

Alrighty! So after chatting with the owner of The Paint Pub, here is the scoop...

The best possible way to make everyone happy with dates and painting choices is to host our own Private Party. With this option we obviously have The Paint Pub (and most importantly, our instructors! ;-)) to ourselves for a 2-2.5 hour class and we get to choose our painting for our group (rather than choose according to the calendar and trying to schedule based on that date).

Price includes canvas, brushes, acrylic paint, and aprons. The instructor walks us step by step through the whole painting process. Unfortunately, wine is available at extra charge but I'm most excited about the company anyway :-)

If you would like to join us for the 2nd Minnesota Bloggers Happy Hour, please choose the following TWO things...

What would YOU most like to paint?

Choice A: Stone Arch Bridge

Choice B: Sunset

Choice C: Tropical

Choice D: Starry Night

... As you can tell from the first two options, the instructors REALLY walk you step by step on how to create your painting. Carolyn and I narrowed our choices down to four paintings that are of different skill levels and hopefully will appeal to you. Please comment (or email us at minnesotabloggers@gmail.com) on which ONE painting that you would most like to paint!

What date(s) works best for you?
The least expensive option is for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday classes which cost $30. The price increases for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and weekend dates so we made the decision to stick with earlier weekdays. We hope that Mondays and Tuesday work well for most everyone. Here are some date options...

Monday, September 10th
Tuesday, September 11th
Monday, September 17th
Tuesday, September 18th
Monday, September 24th
Tuesday, September 25th

Please comment (or email us at minnesotabloggers@gmail.com) on which date(s) would work best for you!

For our last Minnesota Bloggers Happy Hour, we had 13 bloggers attend. If you were not able to attend last Happy Hour, we would love for you to join us this next time! In case you're worried, there is no "clique" going on and I believe that we ALL feel that the more, the merrier :-) If you have ANY questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

Otherwise... Get down there and COMMENT on which painting you like best and which date(s) work for you!! I personally cannot wait for this event and to hang out with you girls again :-D

<3 Kelly


Carolyn said...

YAY! HAHA Time to get my untalented painting on. Which closet am I hanging this in?? :)

Every date works for me, except for September 25th. I would prefer the 17th or 18th though!

As far as paintings go... I think I like the stone arch or the tropical the best... but I really don't care! :)

Kelly B. said...

I would LOVE to do the Stone Arch! It has some significance for M and I, plus it reps the home-state :)

As for dates, every date works except the 10th. We have a liturgy planning sesh for the wedding.

Kara said...

Introverts unite!

I would love to paint the Stone Arch Bridge. What a great way to celebrate MN!

I would prefer Sept 17th or 18th but the 24th works as well. That is assuming I don't chicken out!


Bridget said...

I would love to do any of them...but I think the Stone Arch would be cool, if I could make it look like that!!! haha...I suck at painting!

As for dates...if I could pick one, it would be the 18th. But any of them work for me except Monday, the 24th!


Michelle said...

I also vote for Stone Arch (although I'm not sure mine will in any way resemble it). The 17th, 18th or 24th work best for me (I could not do the 10th). And will we be able to buy a glass of wine if we want?? ;S
...and Kara! Do NOT chicken out!! We want to meet you!
:) m.

ajs {of MN} said...

Tuesdays are PERFECT for me! but Mondays can be arranged for as well with enough notice.

I LOVE anything tropical so I go with the sunset or the palms!!


Becky said...

Yay, I'm so excited to see everyone again! Mondays typically work better for me, but I can make Tuesdays work too. Any of those dates should be fine.

I really like the stone arch bridge, but all of them look really nice. I'm sure it won't matter by the time I'm done with it anyways :)

Thanks girls for coordinating all of this!

JJ said...

Stone Arch is my vote. any day works for me. Just keep me posted.

Mommy Lisa said...

I was torn between Stone Arch and Starry Night, I will go with the flow! I will come whichever date if I can convince my hubby. Except the 10th. I have PTO that night.

Melissa said...

1. Definitely stone arch....perfect for our group :) 2. Any of the dates work for me as of now. 3. Can't wait!

M said...

Tuesday would be great. Any Tuesday would work!

Syndal said...

Starry Night (I did the Stone Arch when I was there..not gonna lie-don't wanna pay $40 for the same painting!) and any tuesday night!

Brittany said...

I like the stone arch and tropical and Tuesdays work for me. Just need enough time to get it off of work :)

~Dawn~ said...

Monday night would work best for me, but I could possibly make another Tuesday night work, too, doesn't matter on the date. I'm not picky on the paintings. They all look like fun!

Can't wait to see you all again!

Sally said...

I would love to join you and meet all of you! Do you know what time the class would be?

Andrea @ Love is... said...

I'll paint whatever, which is SUPER helpful I know! And as of now, all of the dates work for me! Looking forward to it!

Diana said...

I love the Stone Arch! Right now I'm only free the 24th and 25th, but if there's a date that works better for everyone else, don't feel obligated to adapt for my schedule!

Zhenya H said...

Stone Arch is def on the top of my list as well, as far as the dates go, I can take any of those days off, I just need to be let know ASAP :)

Becca at One Girl said...

THis sounds like SO much fun! Would love to come, especially since I was not able to make the last! My painting of choice is the Stone Arch Bridge, such a Minnesota landmark! Mondays work best for me!

Cannot wait - this sounds exciting!