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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Minnesota Blogger: Sarah from Midwest Pillowtalk


I'm Sarah, 25 years young (soon to be 26 on April 1st!) and another MN blogger! You can find my blog over at Midwest Pillowtalk!

I live with my husband Isaiah and our two shiba inu dogs, Lambeau & Lucy. We stay busy with lots of date nights and traveling!

I am so good at reading blogs & could spend all day doing that, but i really need to learn on keeping up with my own!

After 22 months of feeling frustrated and isolated by my infertility, i decided to start a blog in hopes of finding support & a release at the same time. None of my friends have gone through this, while all my friends were getting pregnant and i needed something to keep me on track. Trying to conceive took over my life and i was becoming psycho! At the time i started this blog, i had quit my job about 6 months prior and had just gotten married. I had so much time on my hands as a new stay at home wife! Shortly after i began the blog, i got pregnant! Since then, it's pretty much been trying to keep up and document this pregnancy, as i may never experience another one.
My husband is my best friend. My soulmate. We met in 2010, got engaged in 2011, and married in 2012. Where was he prior to 2010? I have no idea. But I am so thankful he is in my life now!
I am a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan! (Turns out Isaiah is as well, and his dad used to play for them!)
My favorite vacation is a Royal Caribbean cruise. I'm obsessed with the ocean! Hopefully someday i'll be able to live (or have a vacation home) right next to one! 
I love food. Plain & Simple!
My grandpa (or as i call him, crapa) has been battling cancer for 13 years. He's my best friend and hero. Every day i pray he'll be able to meet & hold my son. Two peas in a pod.
My natural hair color is brown. It's the first time in 25 years that i've been a brunette and im still not sure i like it!

I hope you stop by my blog and come back around as i get the hang of the blogger life! I'm so excited to meet all of you and get the show on the road!

1 comment:

Katie Hall said...

Nice to meet you Sarah! I am excited to follow you along on this new journey!!