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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Minnesota Blogger: Jaime from It's Gotta Be Here Somewhere

Hello to all of my fellow MN Bloggers!

I'm Jaime and I run the blog It's Gotta Be Here Somewhere.

I haven't had this blog up and running very long but not to worry, 
it will fill up soon with my never ending ramblings, stories, and confessions. I write about obsessions, guilty pleasures, the kids, The Rocky Road to Healthy, and other stuff. I am slightly opinionated (ha) but I do try to be nice about it.

I moved to MN 5 years ago this month (has it been 5 already?) to be with 
my now husband and his two children, Button and Peanut.
This is us having family photos done in Fall 2011:

Button is about to turn 10 and is in the 4th grade. She's a sweet girl that is usually more 
worried about other people being happy then herself. And yes, she's quite animated.

Peanut turned 7 in January and is in the 1st grade. This is a weird child. And she will proudly tell you that she is the weirdest of us all. Some days, it's like there is a 30 year old trapped in a 7 year old body. The next day, there's a 4 year old in there wrecking havoc.

I have a page on my blog, Kid Quotes, that can give you a glimpse into the laughs these two provide.

The girls live with us full time and we are a pretty tight family of 4. (Nope, no plans to add to the family now... or ever. We are 4 strong and we all like it that way.)

My husband and I were married June 12, 2010 in downtown Minneapolis. The girls were our flower girls and they were ADORABLE in their dresses. They amazed everyone with their manners and how well they behaved. (Yay! We are doing something right!)

I make nail polish and jewelry and sell both on Etsy. (At the moment, both shops are closed. But photos of what I have created can be found on the blogs and for the polish, on FB. I also add photos of nail art that I have done to my own nails.)

Red Carpet Lacquer

Designs by JW: 

You can follow me on:
FB: www.facebook.com/ItsGottaBeHereSomewhere

I hope you can stop by, say hello, and follow along as we try to navigate this ever changing world.



Kelly said...

Your girls are TOO cute! Adorable photos, Jaime :-) Thanks for saying hi to the group; hope to meet you sometime at a get together!

~Dawn~ said...

So nice to meet you, Jaime! :) I have 2 girls as well, Alexa (8) and Lilli (5). Hope to meet you at our next get-together!

Jaime said...

Thanks for the welcome! I am excited for the chance to get to know you gals.