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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just a Few Housekeeping Items

Hi all!

We've been trying to keep the Members Page up-to-date based on our followers count, but it's been a little tricky. Of course these suggestions are entirely up to you, but here are some thoughts on how to make your profile and blog more accessible...

1.) Please link your blog website to your profile. Why does this matter? Well when a blogger is checking out our follower's box and might want to check out your blog, it is super easy when your blog link is listed right under your profile.

What does this look like?

What does this NOT look like?

How can you fix it?
Go to Dashboard (yes, I use the old interface) and click on Edit Profile.

Click on the Select blogs to display link.

Check the box next to your blog title.
Click save!

2.) If you'd like, please add your email address to your profile. Why does this matter? I think ALL of us would agree that it sucks big time when I nice follower leaves a question in a comment, and you cannot reply back!! For some reason "no-reply" is a default option and I even used to be no-reply before someone told me. I kept wondering why no one was responding to my nice comments! WELL. It was because my email wasn't attached and there was no way to get a hold of me.

What does this look like?

What does this NOT look like? (taken from my personal blog)

How can you fix this?
Once again, go to Dashboard and click on Edit Profile.

Check the box next to Show my email address.
Click save!

Of course like I mentioned, this is all up to you! You may have a reason why your blog or email isn't linked to you, and that is okay. But for a few of you, we've had to do some major Sherlock Holmes-ing around in order to just list you on our Members Page.

This can all be fixed too if you'd like to just send your name and blog link to our email address which is minnesotabloggers@gmail.com

Once again, feel free to grab our Minnesota Blogger button HTML (from the previous post or from along the column to the right) and add it to your blog if you'd like!

Also, we are about to finish up the details for our Monthly Minnesota Blogger feature. If you'd like to be featured as one of the monthly bloggers, leave a comment (make sure you're not "no-reply"! ;-)) or email us and we promise to get back to you with the details!

Thanks and stay tuned!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hi girls! Thanks for coming over to the new Minnesota Bloggers blog-- hope you like it! I hope you're excited about a place where we can get to know and support one another by listing the fabulous bloggers found in our great state of Minnesota.

Want to know what the first step is? Go ahead and follow this blog and grab the button if you'd like. It is entirely up to you if you'd like to post the button on your blog. And hey, you could even mention this ol' blog in your next post to get the word out to other Minnesota bloggers! ;-)

Next? Let us know if you'd like to be featured on the blog. The feature post we have in mind is pretty typical-- just a little "get to know me" post. Ultimately, since this is a place to get to know one another, it would be great for everyone to be featured at some point. Shoot us an email at minnesotabloggers@gmail.com if you're interested.

Lastly? Pipe up if you have any suggestions or great ideas! Basically, this site is just a tidy place to organize us all and to get the word out that there are other bloggers like you... but we could definitely let this grow into something more if everyone is game.

In the meantime, members will  be added in the tab page above as soon as possible-- stay tuned for more information!

PS-- hope no one had too much damage from last night's ridiculous storm at 3am. We had HORRIBLE wind and hail-- and yes I was awake, working on this ol' blog ;-)