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Monday, April 29, 2013

#MNBloggersCookingClass Recaps!

On Friday the 26th we had a fun MN Bloggers Cooking Class! 

We had so much fun, I really don't think that this will be the last one!

If you were able to attend this meetup, be sure to link up your recap below!

If you had to miss out, be sure check out everyone's blogs and see what kind of fun there is to be had at the next cooking class!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

MN Blogger Yoga!

Hey MN Bloggers!  It's Katie from Strawberry Halls Forever, and I am so excited to ask you to join me for a yoga class on May 11th! I will be teaching a class from 11:30-12:30 and we will have an hour at the end of class to socialize and get to know each other!

The class will be located at the recreation center at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis.  Directions can be found here.

This is a free class, but a small fee will be collected to cover the cost of the room rental.  I will also be collecting donations for a community service project that I am involved in (more info to follow), but this is completely up to you if you want to donate.  Please rsvp to mnbloggeryoga@gmail.com if you plan to attend!

I'm also asking for volunteers to bring refreshments for after the class- nothing fancy, just some easy snacks/drinks.  Let me know if you are able to do this.

You will need to bring your own yoga mat and any props that you want to have.  I will not be including any poses that require props, but you are more than welcome to use them if you wish.  

**I am not a pre-natal yoga instructor, but you are more than welcome to attend if you are pregnant. I can offer basic modifications to you, and you will never be asked to practice a pose you aren't comfortable with.**

Email me at mnbloggeryoga@gmail.com with any questions!!

Thanks everyone!
Katie :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#MNBloggersCookingClass: DATE ANNOUNCED!

Hello- it's me Andrea, again! As promised I am back with a date for our 


Date: FRIDAY - APRIL 26th, 2013 @ 7:00pm

a reminder about class details...
  • Class is very casual & hands on- so be prepared to cook & arrive hungry! ;)
  • Cost is $20/person (pay when you arrive)
  • Class is located in Columbus, MN please send an email to MNBloggerCookingClass@gmail.com for the address & directions
  • Class Menu/Theme is "Lettuce" Have Fun!

a couple of very important notes...

If you picked Friday as the day that works best for you, I assume that you PLAN TO ATTEND. If this is incorrect and you are not able to join us- I must know in advance so that we can be sure class will be accommodating as far as both food and space.

--- Friday 4/26: #MNBloggerCookingClass List ---
JJ (Dexter Morgan's Mama)
Lauren "Lo" (Our Crazy Ever After)
Sarah (Midwest Pillow Talk)
Melissa (i carry your heart)
Lindsey (Life on Countryside)
Dawn (Mom-a-Logues)
Kelly B. (kellybjd)
Brittany (Blissfully Britt)
myself, Andrea (Keeping up with The Sonneks)
--- the following girls preferred Wednesday but did not exactly rule out Friday ---
Syndal (Synfully Delicious)
Carolyn (life, live and puppy prints)
Sally (Splash of Whine)

Thank you Bridget & Kelly for also responding! I am sad that Wednesday didn't work out for group majority. We will miss you this meet up!

If you see your name on the list and YUP you will be there- great!
If you DO NOT see your name on the list and you DO want to attend, 
shoot MNBloggerCookingClass@gmail an email and count yourself in!
If you see your name on the list and NOPE you will not be there- 
please let me know this ASAP as well.

Thank you ladies for your cooperation thus far, I am REALLY looking forward to hosting this class and getting to cook with some of my favorite MN blogger girls!!

*Last thing... get a email out to MNBloggerCookingClass@gmail.com today so that you're included in a group email for directions and any additional follow-up details leading up to class day!

See you ladies on Friday the 26th!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Minnesota Blogger: Brianne at Avalanches In My Heart

Why hello there! I’m Brianne.
The little things in life give me the most happiness. 
I love the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening. 
I am passionate about photography and travel. 
I love how pictures allow you to capture moments and feelings.
You could say I’ve got an extreme case of wanderlust.
 If I could do one thing for the rest of my life, 
I would gladly live out of my suitcase and explore the world with my camera.
 I am new to the blogger scene and hope to fill my blog with chronicles of my adventures, day-to-day occurrences and random thoughts about anything and everything. 

Four things that give me the most joy:

1. Taking Pictures

2. Travel
When I went hiking in Scotland.

3. Coffee Coffee Coffee!

4. Disney
My sister and I at Disney World.

Join me!

I would LOVE to hear from you!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MN Bloggers Cooking Class

Hello MN Bloggers! It's Andrea from Keeping up w/ The Sonneks and I am happy to be hosting an April cooking class for anyone that loves to cook as much as I do!

Each month I personally attend a cooking class, hosted by my Mom- an AMAZING creator & teacher in the kitchen! I then recap class on my blog- check out what we had cooking last month for March HERE.

A little bit of background on the class. My Mom has been apart of the Pampered Chef & Wildtree community for many years! Instead of visiting your home to do a "show" she turned her passion for time spent in the kitchen to hosting a cooking class each month in her home. She is currently on her 4th year- and this concept has been very successful for her and so much fun! Please know that there is NEVER any pressure to buy any products- but rather the convenience of getting to cook with ANY Pampered Chef kitchen item that you wish- she has EVERYTHING! Also- each class features a "take home product" from Wildtree, more details on that below.

With the expressed interest for a MNBloggers "Cooking Class" I have decided to organize a class for this month. Class will be exclusive to MNBloggers- so that we can all take pictures of the food without any complaints about the food getting cold! **we bloggers LOVE our pictures!!**

Class Details...
  • Due to the 'in-home' class atmosphere, class is very casual! It is hands on and you'll get to eat [enjoy] EVERYTHING that's prepared!
  • Class is $20/person, this $20 includes the featured Wildtree "Product of the Month" & recipes for each dish prepared.
  • Class for April will be held on either Wednesday April 24th OR Friday April 26th starting at 7:00pm and located in Columbus, MN (Forest Lake/Lino Lakes area)
  • The Menu for meals will be a variety of salads with the theme being "Lettuce" Have Fun! which is perfect as we all anticipate warmer temps ahead of us for both Spring & Summer!

 If this sounds like something you would be interested in attending- please comment on this post with the class date (4/24 or 4/26) that best fits your schedule. 

With enough response a date will then be picked to accommodate the majority of attendees. 
Please comment ASAP to ensure a date gets picked. 

For the sake of space and food planning- be sure that you are interested in attending 100% before commenting with a date.

Send any questions you may have to the EMAIL address MNBloggerCookingClass@gmail.com 

Looking forward to seeing many of you there! Please don't forget to respond via comment with an "RSVP'd date" and watch for the final details and date to be picked by April 9th (one week from today).

This class will be a fun, unique & interactive opportunity to meet & visit with some of our favorite MNBloggers!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Minnesota Blogger: Abby from Abby Talsma Blog

Hey there! My name is Abby, and I am so excited to get to share a bit about my life and blog with you. As I have only been blogging since November, I am fairly new on the scene. It all started as a way to communicate with family and friends while my husband and I spent a few months volunteering in Ecuador this past winter.

But it has become so. much. more.

Writing has allowed me to slow down the constant swirl of thoughts going on in my head. To take a closer look at how I want to live my life. With purpose. With love. With a heart geared toward serving others.

So I write about just that. Life. I don't focus solely on one area, but an array of topics weave themselves through my stories. 

Other things that hold a place in my heart are...

1   my husband. We got married last summer. Which did, in fact, bring me here to good ol' Minnesota. I'm originally an Iowa girl, have dabbled in Minnesota living since graduating college, and will call Minnesota my permanent-for-now home. 

2   traveling. The quote below pretty much sums this one up.
I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question.
       -Harun Yahya

3 community. I believe that living in community is essential. While I would love for you to come over and check out what I'm writing about, even more so, I hope to get to know you in the process. Whether our communities are formed in our neighborhoods, or online, I believe they are the heart beat of life. 

So join me on...