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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Minnesota Blogger: Jaime from It's Gotta Be Here Somewhere

Hello to all of my fellow MN Bloggers!

I'm Jaime and I run the blog It's Gotta Be Here Somewhere.

I haven't had this blog up and running very long but not to worry, 
it will fill up soon with my never ending ramblings, stories, and confessions. I write about obsessions, guilty pleasures, the kids, The Rocky Road to Healthy, and other stuff. I am slightly opinionated (ha) but I do try to be nice about it.

I moved to MN 5 years ago this month (has it been 5 already?) to be with 
my now husband and his two children, Button and Peanut.
This is us having family photos done in Fall 2011:

Button is about to turn 10 and is in the 4th grade. She's a sweet girl that is usually more 
worried about other people being happy then herself. And yes, she's quite animated.

Peanut turned 7 in January and is in the 1st grade. This is a weird child. And she will proudly tell you that she is the weirdest of us all. Some days, it's like there is a 30 year old trapped in a 7 year old body. The next day, there's a 4 year old in there wrecking havoc.

I have a page on my blog, Kid Quotes, that can give you a glimpse into the laughs these two provide.

The girls live with us full time and we are a pretty tight family of 4. (Nope, no plans to add to the family now... or ever. We are 4 strong and we all like it that way.)

My husband and I were married June 12, 2010 in downtown Minneapolis. The girls were our flower girls and they were ADORABLE in their dresses. They amazed everyone with their manners and how well they behaved. (Yay! We are doing something right!)

I make nail polish and jewelry and sell both on Etsy. (At the moment, both shops are closed. But photos of what I have created can be found on the blogs and for the polish, on FB. I also add photos of nail art that I have done to my own nails.)

Red Carpet Lacquer

Designs by JW: 

You can follow me on:
FB: www.facebook.com/ItsGottaBeHereSomewhere

I hope you can stop by, say hello, and follow along as we try to navigate this ever changing world.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Minnesota Blogger: Elise from Crap, Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

Hey there, Minnesota Bloggers!

My name is Elise, and my blog is called Crap, Did I just say that out loud?

As most blogs go, I kind of just post about whatever I want, including, but not limited to...
1.) My Smokin' Hot Husband.

We met when I was in high school, he was MY BOSS (classy, right?) at the restaurant we worked at, and, at the time, our relationship was strictly professional and consisted of him telling me to shut up and get back to work. 
Four years later, we somehow got in touch, and he pursued and chased me until I was totally in love with him. We dated for a couple of months, got engaged, and then a few months later got married. 


A month after we got married, I was pregnant (MORE INSANITY), and we then decided to move from Colorado to Minnesota to raise our family here (for some EXTRA INSANITY).

So it's been a non-stop insanity ride since we got together, and we even still have the hots for each other through it all!
On my blog you can find posts on his Proposal Story, 30 Things About Luke, and our wedding pictures. 

But what I really write about most is...

2.) My cute kids.

I had my daughter, Vienna, in May of 2011, and I just had my son, Boaz, this last September, 2012.

 Having two under two has been so fun and so, so, SO crazy!

My daughter is like five kids in one body, has her own opinions about EVERYTHING, and has broadway-musical-style meltdowns most every time something doesn't go her way. 
Sooo....she's a typical toddler.

But when she's not whining or getting into something she's not supposed to or requesting to watch Finding Nemo for the 3rd time in one day, she's actually super adorable and funny.
And she's got great hair.
So that's a plus.

My baby boy is about as cool and chill and happy as they come. 
He rarely complains, no matter how many times his sister sits on his face or tries to "share" her snacks with him (by shoving a graham cracker down his throat).

Oh and he's HUGE. Almost 20 pounds at 6 months old.
(That's a little on the heavier side of things, for a baby...)

So these kiddos keep me rather busy, and I'm pretty sure have caused quite a few friends and family members to think that I'm a raging alcoholic, by how often I mention that I'm desperately in need of wine by 2 pm.

And every once in a while I post about...

3.) Food!

I REALLY love food.
Like..a lot.

(You know, it pairs nicely with all that wine I drink.)

I'm not a phenomenal cook by any means, but I totally love it and I enjoy sharing recipes and meal ideas.

So that's pretty much the gist of it! 
Just writing about our insane life as it happens, and trying to keep all of our far away friends and family updated on what we do. We are in the works/planning stages of getting a farm in the next year or two, so that will be another fun, weird, unfamiliar extravaganza to chronicle.
Social Media wise, my blog has a fancy Facebook Page, I have Twitter (which I suck at), and I'm on Pinterest and Instagram (@elisej125) quite a bit.
Hope to get to meet you all at some point!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Minnesota Blogger: Alisha from Lovely Mind Heart Soul

Hello Minnesota Bloggers!!
 photo d8fb0464-62df-4097-896f-5cf00a9926e1.jpg
My name is Alisha and I blog over at Lovely Mind Heart Soul. I am 24, married, a college grad, a major science nerd, an avid outdoorswoman, and an animal lover!

I tend to blog about the craziness that is my life. Some days it can be really random and others very heartfelt and soulful. I write how I feel and what I think. And I take lots of pics. Many are of my Hubby and my 2 year old Chocolate lab Raeghan. She makes a great model!! I am rather new at this whole blogging thing but I'll get the hang of it! Pic numero uno (oh yes. I know some spanish):

I married my best friend (Sean) on May 31st, 2012 in Breckenridge, Colorado. It was just the 2 of us and we couldn't have been happier. Then in June we had our reception here in Minnesota at the MN Horse and Hunt Club.

I'm a big sportsmen. I love hunting, fishing, camping, nature walks, and sport shooting. In high school, I shot trap competitively and am fairly confident I can beat most guys.

Really? That's the only pic I have of my baking? Note to self: fix that!!
I love love love to bake. I love trying new recipes, perfecting the ones I already have, and giving away all sorts of sweets! I can't cook worth a damn and Hubby thinks I can burn water (Thank goodness he's the cook in our house!!) but baking is a whole different story. My best wedding present was my KitchenAide mixer. I baby that thing. No touchy!

I am a huge Minnesota sports fan. I love the Twins, the Wild, the Gophers, the Vikings. I will argue until I'm blue about how great they are and I love going to the games. Hubby doesn't really care for team sports so he encourages me to go to the games with my girl Dana! Girls and sports in our neighborhood!

We have a 2 year old Chocolate Lab named Raeghan. She is our baby! She loves cuddling, playing with her Kong (heavy duty chew toy if you didn't already google that one) and eating --- ok, shredding -- socks. It's the only people-item she eats so I guess its ok. She's my natural hunter and loves being in the water. Oh and she's terrified of balloons (big hot air ones and little helium ones... no idea why). We could also never live too close to the railroad tracks because she howls at the train horn.

I love making new friends so please stop over and follow me!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Minnesota Blogger: Katie from Strawberry Halls Forever

Hey everyone, I'm Katie and I blog over at Strawberry Halls Forever!  MN Bloggers has given me this great opportunity to introduce myself...so here we go!

First, how about a little info about my blog?  I decided that I wanted to start documenting more of my life because the last few years have been full of exciting changes, and no doubt things will continue to change, so I thought I'd probably want to look back on these years at some point.  The reason I named my blog Strawberry Halls Forever is because my maiden name is Strawbridge (and therefore people used to call me Strawberry a lot) and my last name now is Hall, so I wanted the name to reflect both my personal individuality as well as my life with my husband, Mark.

Here is a little bit more about me:

I've been married to my husband since May 2011, how does the time fly so fast??  We bought a house last year and have been settling into nicely it with our cat and dog.

Speaking of the pets, here they are!  I adopted Orlando, our cat, in 2007 and we welcomed Shay, our Golden Retriever, about a year ago!  Shay is still a puppy and Orlando puts up with him very well!  I am a HUGE animal lover- I could never imagine living without pets!

I love to travel!!  I've been blessed with the opportunity to travel extensively in Latin America, but also in Thailand and Europe.  I love any type of travel, whether it be a road trip to another state or a 13 hour flight across the world.  Mark and I are going to Europe next month and I am SO excited!

I'm sort of a fitness junkie.  I enjoy most types of exercise and try really hard to live a healthy, but balanced, lifestyle.  I'm mostly a runner, but have also dabbled in the triathlon world.  I'm also in the process of becoming certified as a yoga teacher!  I am loving this process and am SO excited to be able to teach my own classes in the near future!

I like to think I'm a down-to-earth lady!  I am pretty easy going and just love to have fun!  I hope you hop on over to my blog to visit me!  You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest also!  

Well, thanks for letting me introduce myself to you all!! I can't wait to get to know some of you MN Bloggers out there!

xoxo, Katie

Monday, March 18, 2013

#MNBsFavoriteThings Recaps!

This past weekend, a bunch of amazing Minnesota Bloggers got together for a Favorite Things party! 

Back Row: Daci / Andrea
Middle Row: Becky / CarolynLauren / Kelly B / Dawn / JJ Bridget / Jess / Melissa
Front Row: Brittany / Lindsey / Syndal / Meg

It was so much fun! 

If you were at the meetup, make sure to link up your blog recap here! If you weren't at the meetup, make sure to go to everyone's blogs and see all the fun you're missed out on!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Minnesota Blogger: Sarah from Midwest Pillowtalk


I'm Sarah, 25 years young (soon to be 26 on April 1st!) and another MN blogger! You can find my blog over at Midwest Pillowtalk!

I live with my husband Isaiah and our two shiba inu dogs, Lambeau & Lucy. We stay busy with lots of date nights and traveling!

I am so good at reading blogs & could spend all day doing that, but i really need to learn on keeping up with my own!

After 22 months of feeling frustrated and isolated by my infertility, i decided to start a blog in hopes of finding support & a release at the same time. None of my friends have gone through this, while all my friends were getting pregnant and i needed something to keep me on track. Trying to conceive took over my life and i was becoming psycho! At the time i started this blog, i had quit my job about 6 months prior and had just gotten married. I had so much time on my hands as a new stay at home wife! Shortly after i began the blog, i got pregnant! Since then, it's pretty much been trying to keep up and document this pregnancy, as i may never experience another one.
My husband is my best friend. My soulmate. We met in 2010, got engaged in 2011, and married in 2012. Where was he prior to 2010? I have no idea. But I am so thankful he is in my life now!
I am a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan! (Turns out Isaiah is as well, and his dad used to play for them!)
My favorite vacation is a Royal Caribbean cruise. I'm obsessed with the ocean! Hopefully someday i'll be able to live (or have a vacation home) right next to one! 
I love food. Plain & Simple!
My grandpa (or as i call him, crapa) has been battling cancer for 13 years. He's my best friend and hero. Every day i pray he'll be able to meet & hold my son. Two peas in a pod.
My natural hair color is brown. It's the first time in 25 years that i've been a brunette and im still not sure i like it!

I hope you stop by my blog and come back around as i get the hang of the blogger life! I'm so excited to meet all of you and get the show on the road!