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Monday, May 13, 2013

Minnesota Blogger: Meghan from Whatever Is Lovely

Hello. My name is Meghan!

There are so many beautiful and lovely things happening in the world. My goal is to capture some of those moments!

I love nature and consider myself to be a little bit of a hippie. I enjoy reading everything from classics to cookbooks. I have a bipolar cat who I love dearly. My favorite word is 'eloquent.' I enjoy traveling and exploring. I drink way to much coffee. I am a ballerina in my spare time but can often be found dancing in the kitchen. I love to cook and want my own bakery. My middle name is joy. Handmade and homemade are the best.

Three more tidbits...

1. I am a hopeless wanderer. [waving on the right!]

2. One of my favorite parts of exploring is discovering bakeries!
This cupcake is from Miette in San Francisco.

3. This is my favorite quote, I hope to scatter joy in my life!

I want to document what inspires me and share some of my crazy adventures!
Stay lovely and bright,
Scatter some joy,
keep smiling,
would love to chat,


Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

Welcome Meghan! Nice to "meet" you! :)

Ashtinasellers said...

Welcome! It's so nice to meet you! That cupcake looks absolutely amazing! I'd love to hear more. Follow me and i'll follow back! :)