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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Minnesota Blogger: Amy from Limit Reached

The Doodle
My name is Amy and I'm a blogger. I've been writing Limit Reached since 2004. The doodle is my brand or is it my logo? Either way, she works for me. Who am I, really? I'm an 8th generation Californian who is now living in St. Paul, Minnesota. I am writer who blogs. Or am I a blogger who writes? Yes, both.

  Aren't we cute in our jerseys??

Why am I here? Why not? Minnesota is awesome! Oh, and I fell in love. I met my boyfriend, Paul, via Twitter in August 2011. We chatted online (and text/phone calls) for a year. He came to visit me in California over Labor Day Weekend in 2012 and we've been in love ever since. Yes, it's been a whirlwind romance and I have never been happier in my life. Sometimes life doesn't fit into the molds society creates for us. Are you still with me or has the "romcom" aspect to this post totally turned your stomach? Sorry. Well, not really.

Russian Navy, Lourve Me or Leave Me, The Spy Who Loved Me, and Pink Friday

What can you find at my blog? My tagline is centered around frustration. I vent or just noodle through a few thoughts. Sometimes life is just confusing, but it's also amusing. I'm addicted to social media, nail polish and coffee. I love wine, both white and red. And of course, I couldn't live without cheese and chocolate. All of these are topics you'll find on my blog. One of my life goals is to visit all 50 states. I think I'm up to 23 now, so travel, especially road trips/day trips, are on my editorial calendar.

  Wilderrotter Winery

California was great. Most of my family still lives there and my roots run very deep...like my family settled most of the major cities in that state deep. Also, wine. Napa is nice, but I always liked going to small wineries in random regions of the state. If you are a wine lover, I encourage you to try wines from Amador, El Dorado and even Sacramento/San Joaquin counties. There are some great wines coming out of the Central Valley and the foothills. Need a recommendation? Just ask!

  Notice how few pedestrians are on the sidewalks. 

Some of my friends have likened my blog to stand up comedy. I really need to work on my elevator speech when someone asks me what I write about because when you say, "Whatever I feel like," this glazed look appears in their eyes. It's a lifestyle blog. I write about everyday things and seem to find the humor in it on an accidental basis. As for social media, I'm on the Twitter, the Facebook, the Pinterest, the Instagram, the Google+, and the Tumblr. Thanks for reading and feel free to check out my blog anytime. I try to write at least 3 times a week.


Amy Ruiz Fritz said...

Yay! Thanks for the opportunity to post here. I'm so excited about living in Minnesota. It's definitely a big change, but I think I'm adjusting well. One thing, it's nice to be away from the 100 degree heat.

Unknown said...

Glad that life is treating you well in Minnesota. Sacramento is suppose to be around 108 this weekend, yuck - wish I was in Minnesota during a heat wave like that, not looking forward to it. Will look forward to your future posts.